Importance of the Breath

Breathwork is the most powerful healing mechanism we have to calm the body and mind; and yet we rarely give it a second thought. It is the key to the movement and rhythm of life. The Breath is influenced by and affected by the changes in our thinking, feelings and thoughts which cause a change in the breathing process can result in poor breathing habits.

The western culture is so mentally orientated that the vast majority of us live in our heads‚ causing our energy to become trapped in the top half of our bodies; this results in over stimulation. Conversely, the lower half of the body becomes under stimulated resulting in an energetic imbalance which leads to a separation from ourselves.

Tuning into the breath confirms your life connection.It allows you to experience the inner shaping of the body by opening and closing with the breath. It allows you to process built up tension and stress, leaving you calmer and clearer in yourself.

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