Terms & Conditions

Fees include trainee’s cover for insurance liability claims whilst driving instructor’s vehicles, providing that the trainee is duly licenced to drive and is accompanied on test by a DSA examiner or under direction of the instructor.

Payment for lessons must be made in advance and on your initial lesson a double payment will be required so your account is always a lesson in credit. Payments are refunded at the discretion of the management, on production of an official receipt.

Cancellation of Booked Lessons
Ask Geeves 2 Drive.co.uk reserves the right to charge for any lesson cancelled without 48 hours notice before the date of the booked lesson (not including Sundays or Bank Holidays). Failure to give this notice will result in a charge for the full cost of the lesson. No exceptions are made.

Official Driving Tests
Ask Geeves 2 Drive.co.uk instructors reserve the right to refuse the use of their car for the driving test if, in the instructors opinion, the trainee does not meet the required standard. The test fee will be forfeited if three clear days notice is not given (not including Sundays or Bank Holidays).

Whilst every care will be taken to ensure that pupils receive lessons at the requested time, all bookings are made on the undertaking that neither Ask Geeves 2 Drive.co.uk or the instructor can be responsible for the postponement of lessons due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, or any reason beyond their control. Neither can Ask Geeves 2 Drive.co.uk nor the instructor be responsible for test appointments postponed by the Driving Standards Agency.

Personal Property
Every endeavour is made to safeguard the personal property of any trainee, but we point out that neither Ask Geeves 2 Drive.co.uk nor the instructor accepts any liability whatsoever for jewellery, cash, mobile phone or any other property left in their vehicles.

There is a saving of £10 on a block booking of 10 lessons.

A fee of £10 is payable if a payment is late or a cheque payment is returned unless prior arrangements has been made with the instructor.

Block bookings
Discounted Block bookings and birthday vouchers are paid for in advance and are non refundable and non transferable….they have a life period of validity of 6 months from date of issue.
Pupils conduct
If a pupil becomes confrontational, aggressive or speaks inappropriately to the instructor then the instructor has every right to terminate the lesson immediately. If a pupil comes to lesson and is believed to be under the influence of drink or drugs then the lesson will not go ahead but the lesson fee, in any of the instances in this section (10), will be payable by that pupil.
Pupils medical diagnosis
It is the pupils responsibility to inform the instructor of any medical condition they may have that may affect the handling and control of the instructors vehicle,** or if subsequently part way through their training a new diagnosis comes to light