Day 1
Liberate the Spine. Learn to differentiate the movement from the spine to rebalance the trunk, shoulder and neck by maximising the length of the spine.

Day 2
Simple Pelvic Clock. Learn to mobilise the pelvis to free restrictions in the hips, shoulders, chest and spine.

Day 3
Co-ordinating of the Flexors and Extensors. Co-ordinate the front and back muscles to improve your posture and balance in standing.

Day 4
The Seated Twist. Learn to gently turn and twist your body to differentiate the spine, hips, head and neck.

Day 5
Re-educate The Eyes –This is a little known secret to use the eyes to re-organise the body, the head and the spine.

Note: All of these lessons work to integrate the organisation of the whole body and whole person. We have no separate parts, only one very intelligent system!