Functional Integration (FI)

Functional Integration (FI)

Functional Integration (FI) lessons are where the teacher guides the client in movement lessons using gentle hands-on non-invasive touch as the primary means of communication.

A functional integration session of holding the head

In a Functional Integration lesson, the Feldenkrais teacher’s touch reflects to the client how they currently organize their body and actions. The teacher suggests, through gentle touch and movement, expanded possibilities for new movement patterns which are more comfortable, efficient, and useful.

Functional Integration lessons are flexible in their approach, determined by the client’s needs. The client may lie comfortably on a table designed specifically for the work, or do some of the lesson sitting or standing. As needed, the teacher may also use various props to support the student’s comfort, make certain movements easier, or clarify a movement.


  • Recurring and chronic joint and muscular problems
  • Improve Daily Movements such as walking, sitting, reaching, and turning
  • Recovery from surgery and injuries
  • Neurological problems
  • Improved performance and well-being in the workplace
  • Athletes recovering from injury and wishing to improve their performance
  • A benefit to other movement teachers to complement their practice of Yoga, Pilates, and Martial Artists
  • Improve sleep and breathing


1 to 1 – £60 per session

Concessions available on request

Availability also on request